My journey with textiles began at a very young age. Hours were spent creating fashions for my Barbie dolls and then eventually for myself. That was soon followed by tailoring clothing for others as a livelihood. Quilting was my next venture. My Swiss German heritage demanded precision in the creation and design of quilts. I felt very restricted by this style of quilting and began to look outside of my cultural practice. Everything changed for me when I visited the exhibition, The Quilts of Gees Bend, created and designed by a group of women from a small hamlet along the Alabama River. The beauty and form of their designs was so compelling that I finally gave myself permission to abandon what I had known and to create freely with textiles. Since that revelation I have studied, taught, exhibited, traveled and now I am back at the beginning, creating my own textiles as a weaver. I have yet to grow or raise my own fibers, but who knows maybe that will be my next venture.

Each  piece is designed and handwoven by me as a one of a kind item for the wall, table top, bed throw or wherever the owner might choose. The natural fibers are carefully sourced from environmentally and socially responsible producers.